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How to delete backups permanently in Spybot

The Spybot may accidentally remove a key that is important for your PC’s OS. You should be able to roll your registry back to its original pre-scan state.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to delete backups permanently in Spybot:

  1. 1

    Select ‘Start’ and click ‘Programs’.

  2. 2

    Click ‘Spybot – Search & Destroy’. (The ‘Spybot – Search & Destroy’ window appears).

  3. 3

    Click the ‘Recovery’ button. (The ‘Recovery’ screen appears).

  4. 4

    Select the required item that needs to be deleted permanently.

  5. 5

    Click the ‘Purge selected items’ button. (The ‘Confirmation’ message box appears).

  6. 6

    Click ‘Yes’. (The selected item gets deleted permanently).


To protect private data you may want to delete back-up files permanently in Spybot.

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