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How to uninstall AOL® 9.0 VR (Windows® Vista Ready), AOL® 9.1, AOL® 9.5, and AOL® 10.0 from Windows® XP and Windows® Vista

If you are getting error messages when you try to remove AOL from Vista or if AOL would not shut down before you remove it, or if it keeps on running even after you remove it, then uninstall AOL 9.0 VR (Vista Ready), AOL 9.1, AOL 9.5, and AOL 10.0.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to uninstall AOL 9.0 VR (Windows Vista Ready), AOL 9.1, AOL 9.5, and AOL 10.0 from Windows XP and Windows Vista:

  1. 1

    Find the AOL Uninstaller.

    1. Click ‘Start’ button and click ‘Control Panel’.
    2. Double click ‘Add & Remove Programs’.
    3. Locate the AOL Uninstaller on the ‘Add & Remove’ List.
    4. Click ‘Change/Remove’.
  2. 6

    Choose which AOL programs to uninstall.

  3. 7

    AOL 9.0 VR users only: How to find every version of AOL.

    1. Click on the words ‘Search for Older Versions of AOL’. Those words will be underlined in blue.
    2. Wait while the Uninstaller searches for older versions of AOL.
  4. 10

    For hurried and/or expert users: Remove some or all of your shared AOL data now. Not in a hurry or don’t know what you’re doing? Go to Step 5.

  5. 11

    For casual or worried users: Remove shared AOL data on a case-by-case basis now.

  6. 12

    Select which files you’d like to keep.

  7. 13

    Confirm the uninstallation.

  8. 14

    Restart your computer to finish removing AOL.


AOL 9.0 VR was the first version of the AOL desktop client to include a new version of the AOL uninstaller, the tool that AOL includes to find and remove all versions of AOL for you.

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