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How to resolve the error: “Run-Time Error 48 File Not Found…”when you start Word or use add-in

When you start Word or attempt to use a Word add-in, you may receive the error “Run-Time Error 48 File Not Found….” This can occur when add-in attempts to use a DLL file is not found.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to resolve this problem, move the DLL to the correct folder:

  1. 1

    Click ‘Start’, point to ‘Find’ and then click ‘Files or Folders’.

  2. 2

    On the ‘View’ menu, click ‘Details’.

  3. 3

    Type the file name listed in the error message in the ‘Named’ box, and click ‘Find Now’.

  4. 4

    Depending on whether the file was found, use one of the following steps:

  5. 5

    If the file is not found, reinstall the add-in, or contact the add-in vendor for more information.

  6. 6

    If the file is found, note the path of the file: (i) Right-click the file and then click ‘Copy’. (ii) Click ‘Start’, and then click ‘Run’. (iii) In the ‘Open’ box, type the path to the existing file, but change ‘\Office\ to \Office10\’. (iv) Click ‘OK’. (v) Depending on whether the folder was found, if the folder is open, on the ‘Edit’ menu, click ‘Paste’.


You can also go to c: drive and type command ‘\Progam Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Addins, type C:\Progam Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Addins’ to resolve the error.

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