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How to superscript character(s) in cell in Microsoft® Excel

A superscript is a number, figure, symbol, or indicator that appears smaller than the normal line of type and is set slightly above it. With Microsoft Excel, you can easily superscript character(s) in cell and utilize it for purposes like branding, formulas, mathematical expressions and many more.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to superscript character(s) in cell in Microsoft Excel:

  1. 1

    Select the character(s) you want to superscript.

  2. 2

    Select the ‘Format’ menu and select ‘Cells…’. (The ‘Format Cells’ dialog box appears.)

  3. 3

    Click the ‘Font’ tab.

  4. 4

    Select the ‘Superscript’ check box in the ‘Effects’ group.

  5. 5

    Click ‘OK’.


It is noteworthy that the multiple characters formatting only works for text. Precede the value with a single quotation mark (‘), or format the cells as text before typing the value.

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