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How to install new mouse driver

When installing a mouse on a PC, you will need to install the drivers for that mouse to ensure that the device operates correctly. You do not have to be an advanced user to install a mouse driver.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to install new mouse driver:

  1. 1

    Double-click the ‘Program Manager’ program group icon. (The ‘Program Manager’ group window appears.)

  2. 2

    Double-click the ‘Main’ program group icon. (The ‘Main’ group window appears.)

  3. 3

    Double-click the ‘Windows Setup’ icon. (The ‘Windows Setup’ window appears.)

  4. 4

    Select ‘Options’. (The ‘Options’ drop-down menu appears.)

  5. 5

    Select ‘Change System Settings…’. (The ‘Change System Settings’ dialog box appears.)

  6. 6

    Click the down-arrow to the right of the ‘Mouse’ drop-down list box to display the list of available mouse drivers.

  7. 7
  8. 8

    Do one of the following if you are installing a mouse driver supplied with Windows:

    1. Select the driver from the ‘Mouse’ drop-down list box.
    2. Press ‘Enter’.
  9. 11

    If you are installing a mouse driver that is NOT supplied with Windows, do one of the following:

  10. 12

    >Select ‘Other Mouse (requires disk from OEM)’.

  11. 13

    >Insert the third-party mouse driver diskette in the disk drive.

  12. 14

    >Click ‘OK’.

  13. 15

    If no third-party mouse driver is available, do the following to select a driver for an emulated mouse type:

  14. 16

    >Consult the documentation that came with the mouse for emulated mouse types.

  15. 17

    >Select the Windows-supplied driver for the mouse type that is emulated by the mouse from the list, as in step 7)a) above.

  16. 18

    After the mouse driver has been successfully loaded, exit ‘Windows’.


Installing a new component in the operating system used to be a complicated task,but it is not anymore. The entire procedure is applicable to Microsoft Windows 3.1.

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