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How to resolve “Error 0×80004005: The operation failed (receiving messages Outlook 2002)

When new e-mail messages arrive in your Microsoft Outlook Inbox, you may receive the following error message: “Sending and receiving reported error 0×80004005. The operation failed. Also, when you send e-mail messages, you may receive one of the following error messages: “0x800ccc0d 0x800ccc0e”. This issue may occur if you are using Norton AntiVirus with the script blocking feature enabled.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to resolve the “Error 0×80004005: The operation failed (receiving messages Outlook 2002)”:

  1. 1

    To resolve this issue, visit the following Symantec website to obtain either an updated version of Norton AntiVirus or to receive help with the reconfiguration of Norton AntiVirus: http://www.symantec.com/techsupp.

  2. 2

    To work around this problem:

    1. Disable Script Blocking in Norton AntiVirus. In Norton AntiVirus, turn off the ‘enable script blocking’ feature.
    2. Disable ‘New-Mail notification’ in Outlook: 1] In Outlook, click ‘Options’ on the ‘Tools’ menu, and then click the ‘Preferences’ tab.
    3. Click ‘E-mail Options’, and then click to clear the ‘Display a notification message when new mail arrives’ check box.
    4. Click ‘OK’ two times.


This issue occurs when you try to use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to connect to the Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 website. For example, it occurs when you use a FQDN instead of a host name, such as: http://projects.projsvr2003.domain.com instead of http://projsvr2003/ProjectServer.This entire procedure is applicable to Microsoft Outlook 2002.

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