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How to enable Java in Mozilla Firefox

Many web pages use Java applets for interactive content such as online games. Java is a programming language that can run on a Windows, Mac, Linux, and other computer systems. Before Mozilla Firefox can run Java applets you must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) properly installed and enabled.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to enable Java in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. 1

    Click ‘Start’ and then click on ‘All Programs’.

  2. 2

    Click on ‘Mozilla Firefox’.

  3. 3

    Click on ‘Tools’ menu and then click on ‘Add-ons’.

  4. 4

    Click on ‘Plug-ins’ tab.

  5. 5

    Scroll down and look ‘Java’ and click on ‘Enable’.

  6. 6

    Close the ‘Add-ons’ window.

  7. 7

    Close and reopen Mozilla Firefox.


Even if Java is installed and enabled in Mozilla Firefox, it may be blocked by other software or Mozilla Firefox add-ons, such as the ZoneAlarm Pro software firewall and the NoScript extension.

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